Lutherans Deepen their relationship with God with Life Long


We  believe and teach that God acts first to love us in Jesus Christ and we  respond with a life of love and service to our neighbor

We start our Life Long Learning as a Disciple as young people.  


Our Sunday School Rotations

Our Goal is to assist our young people to grow and to deepen their relationship with God in Jesus:

 To make this happen we offer:

Giving Bibles to our third and fourth graders every other year.

First Communion Classes for our Fifth Graders each Lenten Season introducing them to Jesus' presence in, with and under bread and wine.

Confirmation Classes for our Seventh and Eighth Graders so they may more fully deepen their  relationship with God in Jesus by studying the Scriptures one year and  Luther's Small Catechism with its six chief parts the next

We continue our Life Long Learning as a Disciple as adults.

Tuesday Morning Bible Class This Bible Study held at 10 a.m. in our Fellowship Hall. The Bible Study group is studying the book Nehemiah.

Sunday Morning Adult Bible Class
This Bible Study is with Richard Rohr's book: Falling Upwards on Sundays at 10:00 am.